About Us

Our new «DA!» brand entered the Russian retail market in 2015 and we are confident it will establish itself among the leading Russian food retailers.

DA market

The company developed fast and in 2015-it opened 35 stores in Moscow, Moscow region and other regions of Russia. In the next 3 years, the business has plans to expand dramatically throughout the region.

The new «DA!» brand is the retail banner from Fresh Market LLC and belongs to the large and successful Russian O’Key group. The «DA!» business has a dedicated management team to spearhead the growth plans.

Our «DA!» chain represents a completely new type of food store, guaranteeing the consumer the best price & quality ratio on the market. This is achieved by using the latest and most advanced retail equipment and world-class retail business processes.

DA market

Here are some examples:

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    Our assortment policy ensures we offer wide selection of goods but we avoid stocking competing or similar items, this means we have very high volumes of each individual product we sell keeping our buying prices competitive. We pass on these savings to our customers.

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    Many of our products are private label which we have developed ourselves, this means we save on branded marketing costs and again pass on the savings to our customers.

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    We have a highly professional team of employees, who are able to multitask within the store whether it comes to assisting customers on the shop floors or working at checkouts. While our costs go down, the customer’s savings go up.

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    The company has invested in a «best in class» multi temperature distribution center in Stupina Moscow region, which boasts the latest technology in logistics complete with its own fleet of vehicles. With this facility we will ensure the highest quality control and freshness for the products. This well equipped investment is a vital part of a sophisticated supply chain, which reduces the time needed between product production and customer purchase. Again the savings achieved are passed on to the customer in the form of low prices.

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The «DA!» range of products will cover all important needs of the modern Russian consumer with a pre-selection made by us to save the consumer time to find a good price & quality ratio without having to search through numerous confusing brands. The range comprises of world-renowned labels, famous Russian brands and many private labels produced exclusively for «DA!» subject to strict quality standards.

«DA!» experts specializing in food quality have studied the Russian consumer preferences, conducted sampling tests and taken into account product evaluations from hundreds of different suppliers. The result is a range of private label products in attractive colorful packaging of the highest quality.

The «DA!» stores, offer modern, spacious and comfortable shopping premises with a welcoming atmosphere. It is simple to navigate around the stores, as they are identically arranged throughout the chain.

The friendly, energetic and well-trained multi-functional staff that will serve at the checkouts as well as other numerous duties will pleasantly surprise the consumer. This efficient retail concept comprises all the best practices of modern retailing to provide a truly excellent shopping experience.